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Environment, Human Care and Safety: A Better Working Environment for All.

Moda Pelle editorial Sept. 2015

In the 21st century any organisation wanting to develop it’s business ethically and organically must mediate important internal and external pressures. Demands emanate from employees as to their work environments, from customers as to ethical sensitivity, from shareholders as to management transparency and profits. These pressures can even come from civil society itself, for example on the behalf of local or federal governments on issues such as environmental accountability and sustainability. Coping with these different levels of expectations and structuring them in order to map out an overall evaluation of an organisation requires the need of an international certification standard. That is why OOK has applied for the Social Accountability International SA8000 Standard that encourages organic growth hand in hand with socially acceptable practices in the workplace. The Social Accountability International SA8000 Standard enables us to demonstrate our commitment to social accountability standards as well as employee, shareholder and customer satisfaction.

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