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Service And Support.

OOK team has over 150 colleagues and has nearly one hundred automatic production lines to fulfill the finished goods daily capacity of 75 thousands meters and bulk order delivery time between 15 to 20 days.
Adopting the material management model with order driven concept and maximum flexibility, providing the high level of services to customers, including  Dye to Match colouration, customized puller design and logo engraving.

  • Q: Which international standards OOK complied with?
    A: Our SEDEX certification is processing, in the meantime the renewal of restricted substances control (Oeko-tex Standard 100 certificate) also under application. We will update the information once on board.
  • Q: Which standard of physical properties and durability OOK products achieve?
    A: We implement EN 16732:2015 Slider Fasteners Zips Specification for test method and establish our internal standards which are achieving the highest requirements for various applications. For other colourfastness and durability requirements, we implement AATCC, ISO and some customer specific methods. Please contact our representative for details or repors.
  • Q: Any protection action of OOK metal zippers taken for preventing the corrosion attacks from the residues remained on leather?
    A: OOK use the high quality materials for producing the metal components and apply the all-round lacquering technology to provide the strengthened resistance of corrosion.
  • Q: Does OOK offer the zipper customization service?
    A: Besides supplying the continuous chains with grouped slides to customers, OOK also offer various materials and components for customized zipper orders, such as lengths, puller designs and etc for customers applications.
  • Q: Besides high price - performance ratio, any other superiorities of OOK products? "
    A: OOK commit our business philosophy of continuous improvement. OOK has developed many new products in past two years to assist customers for enhancing their brand image and sales. Our professional teams, equipped manufacturing facilities and creative mindset all encourage OOK to innovate more valuable products for market in near future. Please check our official website or other media for update.
  • Q: Does OOK has the brick and mortar store or sales office outside China for hand experiencing the products? May l be your agent?
    A: OOK has no store for retail selling, but we have a sole agent at India for South Asia regional business. OOK is open for any potential partners to build a win-win collaboration platform of developing the business. Please contact us for further information.
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