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#2 to #15

Modapelle Style | September 2018

Practical need and fashion

Bags and shoes come in a variety of designs for a number of purposes to meet a growing variety of practical needs.

This results in all sorts of design for specific purposes to match our daily life activities such as going to the office, practical for walking and visiting, elegant, gleaming to rock the night away.

In fashion both handbags and shoes have become important accessories. In contrast with the past centuries, in which design could remain unchanged for many decades, the handbag and shoes have now developed into a fashion accessory, changing with every season.

Proportion, balance and Unity

One of the principal of fashion design is proportion. It is important to make all designs to scale so that the proportion of each piece is balanced.

To achieve a sense of completeness, each and every element of the design must be in harmony. Many times, hardware accessories are used to add unity to a design.

OOK proposes zipper series from sizes as tiny as #2 up to #15. A wide range of sizes to achieve the perfect balance!

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