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The Pursuit of Perfect Details

Moda Pelle editorial Sept. 2014

Since 2007 OOK Zippers has been supplying high quality zippers to a wide range of international clients. Great effort has been put in research and development of which the core focus being non-oxidating, nickel free products which are in line with European standards and Japanese Keiki requirements. The company also offers a high level of customization to customers which includes specific color requests, unique pullers and laser personalization. The production facility is situated in Dongguan P.R.C. conveniently located near the OOK Zippers Hong Kong head office. Production capacity is growing rapidly but organically without overlooking any of the aspects that could penalize quality on mass scale production. The company is committed to give the best possible experience to the end user and by doing so create a real value added accessory that is much appreciated by it's partners and clients.

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