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OOK Zippers in Milan! Focused on the Leather Bag Industry, Connecting the World

2023 Lineapelle Fair Winter 24/25 serves as a platform where international cultures, creativity, and craftsmanship converge. OOK Zippers is here to showcase our expertise and high quality zipper products.

OOK Zippers has always considered the bag industry as our core focus. We are committed to providing excellent zipper solutions to bag designers and manufacturers. Our pride lies in the quality and reliability of our products, which are in sync with design trends, offering endless creative possibilities to bag designers.

OOK Zippers highly values the relationships we build with every customer during the Lineapelle 2023 event. We will listen to your unique requirements. We believe that this exhibition will guide OOK Zippers' path for the future, as we become more dedicated to the bag industry to meet your needs.


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