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metal zipper


Single tooth, two ways

Irresistible polished surface and symmetrical shaped POLI series zippers are the eye- catching accessories always. Customers highly appreciate POLI runs steady and smoothly on the bags and shoes in one way or two ways direction.



  Over 15 metal chain finishes and 26 metal slider    finishes for matchings and combinations

  • -  Over 600 standard tape colors and offer Dye-To-Match service

  • -  Various standard pullers for selection and able to design the customized pullers

  • -  Available types: Open end, closed end one way or two ways and continuous chain


Z5-MS-YB#5 Double teeth Dull Nickel finish

Z5-MS-YHK#5 Double teeth Dark Pewter finish

Z5-MS-YQ#5 Double teeth Antique Brass finish

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